Custom app not visible/available for installation

We developed a custom app for freshdesk using the FDK 8.6.4, everything packed successfully, uploaded it at the developer portal (new app). The app always stays at the “publish in progress” state and does not show up in the freshdesk-app section for installation.
“Live Version 1” is also indicated as “published”.

The app id is 60161

Does anybody have a hint, because the chat could not figure it out and directed me over here.

when I add the app id directly to the url” it shows up but crashes when I try to install it with the message “an error occured, please contact support”.
###end update

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dennis B,

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I checked from the backend that both the app and version have been published successfully. Could you please send a screenshot where the app is shown as “publish in progress”?

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Hi Ganesh,
please see below (the screenshot from the dev-portal, scrren from the freshdesk app section(s))

Hi @Dennis_B,
Good Day!
Custom apps won’t be available for certain lower plans account / free accounts.

Kindly raise the ticket in the dev assist portal to increase the trial period

Santhosh B

Hello Santosh, thanks for your reply.
We actually have a growth account, I sent you a direct message with the details for privacy reasons.

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seems like this is a product issue, Please raise a ticket by sending an email to


Hi Santosh, I will. Thanks anyway for your help so far.
Regards, Dennis


I have reported and put you in touch with the Freshdesk Support team. You are invited to follow up with them for further ticketed discussion to drive this issue to resolution.

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Thanks Saif,
I already got in touch with them,

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This condition may occur rarely, but if it does, it most probably is a account-specific problem. It is better to reach out to support for right level of help.

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