Custom app published but not available in app library


we created a custom app and uploaded the package according to this tutorial: Custom Apps

The apps status changes to “Published” but I dont see the app in the app library in freshdesk and therefore cannot activate it for our account. Our plan is in the 21 days trial for “growth”. Might this be the problem?

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Hi @Steffen_Abel,

After the app is Published for the right product, it will appear in the list of apps available to install. If you have published the app choosing the right product while publishing and it doesn’t appear in your app gallery, could you provide your account domain and the app ID? Could you also share your app gallery page here?

If the account trial plan is still active, there’s no problem with publishing and installing the custom app.

Hi @Raviraj,

thank you for your reply. The App ID is 45522.
Attached are three screenshots showing the app gallery and the developer account.

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@Steffen_Abel I just checked the pricing page of Freshdesk and the Custom Apps feature is available only from the “Pro” plan of Freshdesk.

If you are using Freshdesk as a product for your support helpdesk, you would have to upgrade your account to Pro to use Custom Apps in your account. You can contact your Technical Account Manager or anyone who has reached out to your Freshdesk to get to know more about it.

If you are building apps for other Freshdesk customers, or integrating your product to publish on our Marketplace for mutual customers to benefit, or build and publish Marketplace apps to Freshdesk Marketplace acquire users, please get your account trial on the Pro plan to use your account to build, test, and publish Custom apps and Marketplace apps. Refer to this article for the steps.

Hi @Raviraj,

thank you for your support. I will contact sales to switch our trial to pro and hope that we can test the custom app then.

Best regards

Sure, that will work.

After switching plans, please try to hard reload your browser tab if it still did not show the “Custom Apps” section in the sidebar of the App gallery.

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