Custom App stuck in "Publish in progress" state


I’m trying to publish a new version of a custom App, but it seems to be stuck on the “Publish in progress” step.

App ID: 52249-serverless

Hi @Christof

We will verify the reason for the issue and keep you posted.

Hi @Christof,

We have identified an issue at the platform end. Uploading new versions to the existing app fails to go through due to the issue.

Our engineers are working to fix the issue. We will inform you hereafter the issue is fixed.
We will also move your app to the “Draft” state after the fix so that you can proceed to publish again.

Please proceed with creating a new app if you need to test something. Don’t upload new versions to the existing apps until this issue is fixed.

Do you have ETA?

I have published an update to one of our existing custom apps (43046-mx_data_helper) a few hours ago and it’s still stuck at Progressing state :frowning_face:

Hi @ThirumalaiK

Thanks for your patience. The fix has been rolled out. Please publish the custom app again from app management portal.


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