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HI Team,

I am working on a custom app, in which I am using ticket.propertiesUpdated event with {intercept: true}.

When I use this event i am looping through “showConfirm” modal asking for “Yes” or “No”. In either of case i am proving orgEvent.helper.done(); to let update the ticket. This is working fine.

But if don’t click on Yes or No, after some time automatically gives me an error

mentioning the “event (event name) ticket” failed due to ‘custom app (custom app name)’’ app.Please try again!

I am not able to control the failed pop…

adding zip file and screenshot…

Sample (5.3 KB)

please help me solve this problem.


Nikhil Maurya

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adding Freshdesk dev link for reference…


Hi @Nikhil,

The intercept events have a limited timeout after which the event will fail if not called the .done() or .fail() callbacks. Also, the showConfirm popup has a 10 seconds timeout for the user to react. Otherwise, it will not be responsible for the user actions with either button.

So, you could show a timer for a short time and have a default action upon the timer is run out.
Let me know if this is not the case with your issue and you are facing any other behaviour.

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