Custom Application Outgoing IP Address

In our application, we are using third party library to make HTTP request due to the supported content limitation of the Request Method. We are experiencing CORS policy issue from our external endpoint.

We are configuring the CORS white-list. We would like to know if the IP address of the custom application outgoing request will always be same (i.e. static) when using third party library.

Hey @Lance,
If you are on Platform version 2.3 and using the request method, then the HTTP requests would use a static IP. You can find the IP address used across different regions.

We are using version 2.3.

So there would not be any static IP for third party library?

Hi @Lance,

We have an article on how to solve the CORS issue on Freshworks apps. Please check out this article and let us know if it does not solve your issue.

Thanks for the link.

We have solved the CORS issue by whitelisting the domain.

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