Custom application running inside freshdesk's mobile

Good morning everyone, is there any possibility of a custom application running inside freshdesk’s mobile application? I need to create customizations for the field technician!


Hi @Marllon_Mainardes,

A few months ago, :freshdesk: the team was internally testing out some experiments related to use cases to let Freshworks Apps work within the mobile platform. I will try to see if there an update on top of it.

Nevertheless, as a dev team, we know very little about Field Technicians

I partly know Freshdesk as the capability for Businesses to manage Field Technicians, but I am not aware of what kind of customizations or use-cases exist in this area. Do you mind sharing some examples of it?

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Thanks @Saif for the feedback, I need to prevent the analyst from closing the ticket if he hasn’t answered an internal survey!

This survey could be an application, the company has field technicians who provide assistance with coffee machines, so they have two questionnaires for the technician to answer, for example if it is an engine failure, he will answer the questionnaire for that!

Until then, the solution we’ve found is, whenever we open a field ticket, we’ll generate an annotation with a link to the freshdesk portal, where we’ll render a modal with the respective business rule.

the form post will go to a callback url(onExternalEvent Registration) where we will process the form data and convert it into a note on the ticket.

that way I check if the analyst has answered the form, if he hasn’t I open the ticket again through serveless!

Can you imagine a more elegant solution to this situation?