Custom Fields in Move a Ticket API

I was testing the Move a Ticket API of Freshservice on Postman. I passed the request body as:

    "workspace_id": 2,
    "custom_fields": {
        "test_custom_field": "First Choice"


    "description": "Validation failed",
    "errors": [
            "field": "custom_fields",
            "message": "Unexpected/invalid field in request",
            "code": "invalid_field"

Can we move Custom Fields using this API? If yes, How? If no, Is there any other API that I can use to move the Custom Fields? Also what other properties can we move using Move a Ticket API?

Any help is appreciated


The “Move a Ticket” feature allows you to transfer specific tickets from one workspace to another. These workspaces may have distinct Groups, assigned Agents, and Fields. According to the documentation example, the only attributes that can be modified during this process are as follows:

{ “workspace_id”: 3, “group_id”: 3, “responder_id”: 4 }

However, if you have custom fields that vary depending on the workspace, it seems that you cannot modify them directly while moving the ticket. In this case, a potential workaround to achieve the desired custom field changes after moving a ticket to another workspace could be to utilize the “Update Ticket” API. This would enable you to adjust the custom field values as needed.

The Move Ticket is moving the ticket object from one container (e.g. Workspace) to another container. Akin to moving a file from one folder to another, so the properties should stay intact. If it’s moving to different type of workspace, it may update the ticket prefix, like INC to CASE, but the rest of the ticket should remain.

As @ajithr also stated, you can modify the ticket before or after moving the ticket using the update ticket method and assuming you have the permissions in the workspace where you are making changes.

Hi gang

Did try to update using the api from server. Here is my postman;

Hence it does not look like we can use the update a ticket with workspace_id as of now.

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