Custom installation page - custom objects (Error 404/Route not allowed)

Running fdk 9.0.8, it appears it is not possible to access the entity store from a custom installation page without having previously clicked on the “Install” button. A “Route not allowed” error is generated when you make any attempt to access any entities in the store.

There is a work around. Click on the “install” button before any custom information has been stored as this appears to initialise access to the entity store.

Steps to reproduce to the error:

  1. Delete the .fdk and .log directories

  2. Run “fdk validate”

  3. Run “fdk run”

  4. Go to the Custom Installation Page

  5. Invoke code to access the entity store.

Steps to clear the error:

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 above

  2. Click on “Install” button at the bottom of the page. [This will enable access to the entity store]

  3. Invoke code to access the entity store.

This is the expected behaviour. We wanted to access the entities only when the app is installed. As you have mentioned, when the install button is clicked and upon successful installation, entities routes will be accessible.
Feel free to reach out when you face any other query.

But surely the purpose of the installation page is to configure the run-time environment.

So at what stage in the deployment cycle do you expect custom objects to be set up and configured?

Or do you only envisage them being a transitory environment?

We will have the custom object entities created when the installation is triggered similar to how we support key-value store support. As mentioned above, once you have installed the app you will have the access for entities.

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