Custom Module - Query Freshworks CRM

Hi All,

Am working on an application which uses FreshworksCRM custom module for CRUD operations.

Right now am able to filter through the custom module with the below API,


Is there a way that i could query multiple fields at the same API call ?

Also we need to query through range, for example students who has <30 grade.

Can anyone help me with this ? Is this possible with custom modules ?


Hi @Janani, welcome back to the community forum :slight_smile:

I could not find anything in the API docs about this, so I have asked help from the freshsales suite team. I will let you know if I find out anything.

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Thanks @kaustavdm Also, is there a way i could add attachments to custom module ?

Hi @Janani
Regarding querying multiple fields in the same API call, you can use the below API to filter the custom module records.

API: /api/filtered_search/cm_student if the custom module name is student.

You can refer this page for sample request body and response : → Filtered search