Custom objects in marketplace apps

Is there any timeline for customers objects to be allowed in marketplace apps?

We don’t have a strong use case for regular db operations compared to custom objects.

It is in Beta for Apps.

We were pondering one question maybe you can add your thoughts…

What do you think – if the custom objects for apps are limited only to enterprise freshworks accounts on the assumption – that uses cases that can be solved with custom objects will fit the complex problems that only enterprises bring to the table?

How much accurate is this assumption?


We had not realized the Custom Objects were limited to the Enterprise plan actually :sob: - so we have an app sitting on the shelf now but that’s alright!

However, personally, I think the ability to filter (among other features specific to custom objects) is not something only Large Enterprises need, and I don’t really see why someone would use $db() instead of custom objects if they have the choice. Just to dress a comparison, Zendesk offers custom objects for all plans (this is why we got confused).

But that’s more a debate around which plan should get custom objects (Pro vs. Enterprise), so that’s out-of-scope of this discussion for sure. To your point about the marketplace for Enterprise apps, I’d tend to agree it’s probably not needed then unless you have tons of LEs.


@sabatale - There are not many cases where we were have our team convinced of the fact that developers may need custom objects feature beyond just for enterprises.

You seem to have experience in this area better than us.


If you could, would you be able to recall and list 2-3 use cases where you think custom objects feature for developers need beyond enterprises? Who knows we could have influenced this stance ? :slight_smile:

cc: @harish.janjam

@sabatale As of today, Custom Objects is in GA. So, you can use it to build and publish Marketplace apps that use Custom Objects. :slight_smile:

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@kaustavdm Thanks! I had missed that but will come back to the app then.

Do you know if there are any breaking changes from the beta? I don’t see any.

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There are a few changes from beta to GA. Only field data-type values and their naming convention has changed. There are a few new data types introduced in GA. So, not a lot of changes to make to your code.

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