Custom Source fields not showing when retrieving all ticket fields

Hi Everyone,

In the searching we have done to retrieve ticket source fields for dynamic ticket creation, we noticed that our own created sources do not show up from this request: https://{{domain}}

        "id": 103000407716,
        "name": "source",
        "label": "Source",
        "description": "Ticket source",
        "position": 4,
        "required_for_closure": false,
        "required_for_agents": false,
        "type": "default_source",
        "default": true,
        "customers_can_edit": false,
        "customers_can_filter": false,
        "label_for_customers": "Source",
        "required_for_customers": false,
        "displayed_to_customers": false,
        "created_at": "2022-11-10T16:17:07Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-02-13T08:55:46Z",
        "choices": {
            "Email": 1,
            "Portal": 2,
            "Phone": 3,
            "Forum": 4,
            "Twitter": 5,
            "Facebook": 6,
            "Chat": 7,
            "MobiHelp": 8,
            "Feedback Widget": 9,
            "Outbound Email": 10,
            "Ecommerce": 11,
            "Bot": 12,
            "Whatsapp": 13

We are looking for one that is going to be “SMS” but it does not show, is there a different request we need to make in order to get the custom sources?

Hi Jonathan,

From the docs, I don’t see source is part of the payload for GET /api/v2/ticket_fields. But, I see that any custom fields are returned with cf_ prefixed to the field’s name.

The other thing to look for is the type field. You should be able to fetch tickets by field type using GET /api/v2/ticket_fields?type={{type_name}}, e.g., GET /api/v2/ticket_fields?type=custom_source.

Let me know if that helps. Otherwise, we will forward this query to the Freshdesk API team.


Hi @kaustavdm, thank you for the reply. I have not had any luck figuring this issue out yet. I have already tried that request, here is the request https://{{domain}} with the response:

    "description": "Validation failed",
    "errors": [
            "field": "type",
            "message": "It should be one of these values: 'default_subject, default_requester, default_ticket_type, default_status, default_priority, default_group, default_agent, default_internal_group, default_internal_agent, default_source, default_description, default_product, default_company, custom_text, custom_paragraph, custom_checkbox, custom_number, custom_date, custom_decimal, custom_dropdown, lookup, nested_field, encrypted_text, custom_date_time, custom_file, secure_text'",
            "code": "invalid_value"

custom_source is not listed in expected values. I tried most of the type values to test different results but i have not been able to find anything that returns me the custom sources.

Thank you for your time

Thanks for the update, Jonathan. Let me bring this up with the Freshdesk team.