Customer issue while using SurveySparrow app

When the Customer installed our app and when the app is making API calls to SurveySparrow using client.request.get we are getting the platform error.

We have raised a bug in Freshdesk
and they have increased our API limit but it didn’t help us.

Can you please check this on priority? customer says
“every minute is ticketing a invoice cost to survey sparrow from mumzworld we can not afford technical delays at the moment”

customer account -

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hey @Ayesha_Kulsum_S_J,
This does look like an error where the app is breeching platform limit for the Request method which is 50 requests per min.

Can you share the Dev-Assist ticket which has the request to increase?

Also, it would be helpful if you give me a context of what the app is doing and also how the request method is used in the app.

Hi @zach_jones_noel
Dev-Assit ticket -

API call where it is failing for the customer

const { response } = await client.request.get(url, getOauthHeaders());
Here URL is a public API to SurveySparrow
getOauthHeaders will return ----

{ headers:{Authorization: "Bearer <%=access_token%>" }, isOAuth: true, maxAttempts: 5 }

@Ayesha_Kulsum_S_J The support ticket you linked to was for extending rate-limits for External Events, which was already increased. This error is from rate limitation of Request Method. I have updated the rate-limit for Request Method for the same app installation to 200 rpm. Please cross-check and confirm if the issue is resolved now.

Hi @kaustavdm ,
Thank you for the quick help. It got resolved :blush: .

Hi @kaustavdm ,
I wanted to understand I need your help with,

  1. What is the “Required per-minute rate (rpm) limit?*” for SurveySparrow APP
    currently customer is at 200, what is the safe number to add? How to decide?

  2. Number of requests/operations executed per user action or serverless event*


  1. We have added some guide on calculating and deciding the rate limit the app requires in our recent blog. Please check it out.
  2. You have to count how many APIs are made for the app’s ideal usage and, in the worst case (such as an increased number of APIs due to certain errors or API request replays). For example, if it’s an app opened in a ticket sidebar and makes an API request when opened, another for each button click, one more, if there’s an error from a button, click. The app would require 2 APIs per user or 3 APIs per user in the worst case.
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Thank you @Raviraj .
How can I check my current rate limits of the app and usage details? If I am aware of this, based on usage I can request to increase the rate limit if required. We are aware of this issue only when a customer reports it. Is there an alternative way to find out?

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We do not have a dashboard with this information currently. I will get it passed to our product team as feedback.

If required, you can request a particular limit metric for a customer through our portal and we can revert with the current usage of the app.

In the meantime, you can use any monitoring service and add logs to it if there are any 429 errors received in the app.

Hi @Raviraj ,
I have already requested it here .
Is it possible to fetch all logs of customers using the SurveySparrow app?

@Ayesha_Kulsum_S_J Sorry, currently, it’s not possible to fetch all the customers using the app. You can only fetch the logs from the apps gallery from a customer account for any custom and public app.

As a better practice, you could calculate how much load the app can take with the default rate limit and how much the rate limit for each feature has to be increased for the increase in active users. The customers and their customer support/technical account manager can use this information to help the customer increase the limit if the app breaches the rate limit for them.
Would it help in the meantime?

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