Customisable Ticket ID Format


A few months ago, one of our clients moved to FreshService as their ticketing system. We noticed that emails from their ticketing system were coming through to our individual email addresses, but did not appear as new tickets in our FreshService. The tickets are being attached to our old tickets from 4 years ago (not merged, but attached as a public note). This is because the subject line contains the ticket code of their ticketing system (“[#INC-50964] – blah blah blah”). As we have much higher ticket numbers (about INC-220000), this caused the email to be attached to the 4-year-old ticket with the same code in our system.

As you can imagine, this is very disruptive to our communications with this client, and could corrupt old ticket records with new, irrelevant emails.

I contacted FreshService support (#14724530), and they informed me that an email is attached to a ticket if the following conditions are met.
(A1. Ticket ID
A2. Message-ID)
AND the sender’s email address is one of the following.
(B1. The requester’s email address
B2. ALL Agent’s email address
B3. Email address(es) in the CC
B4. Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded)

I have attempted many workarounds. Unfortunately, we cannot disable this for a single domain, workflow automators do not allow you to split the email into a separate ticket, and removing the ticket ID from the template is not an option for either of our companies. I have also pursued (painfully) creating a mailflow rule to automatically change any email subject lines that contain a ticket ID, but after much trial-and-error, this has not been deemed a viable option. Currently we just have a forwarding rule send the emails from our client’s FreshService to the relevant team’s individual mailboxes and they manually forward emails they need to record to our FreshService to create a ticket.

The root of the issue is that one FreshService ticketing system should be able to communicate with another FreshService ticketing system without issue. This is critical to day-to-day operations. We need the functionality to either 1) modify the ticket ID format to something unique to our company (e.g. ES2-12345), 2) disable email threading by ticket ID for specific domains and/or 3) thread emails by a unique auto-generated ID embedded in the email body or headers.

Support informed me that an enhancement request was already in place to be able to change the ticket ID format, but it has been a few months and I was unable to find it on this forum, so I thought I would raise it here just in case.

Thanks to the developers for your hard work, but if this issue could get addressed urgently it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hey @Art,

I’ve shared this concern and feedback with Freshservice team.