Dashboard in developer portal

We have 2 apps published in marketplace. It’s been over few months now.

In the place where we upload and publish our apps, can we request for a developer dashboard where we can see couple of app performance metrics?

It is of so much help in the following ways:

  • We would know how our apps are being used by customers.
  • We can get some early feedback based on the insights so that we can make improvements in the future releases of the app.

Looking forward to hear if there are any plans for this in the roadmap.

Thank you for your suggestion.

This is something we have planned to build, a dev tool with a developer dashboard consisting of some essential metrics about the app to better understand the app performance and usage to do improvements.
This is in our roadmap and we will pass your request as well to our engineering team to prioritize it.

We will let you and the community know when it is launched soon. :smiley:

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Agreed with @shravan.balasubraman, as an App Development company we are facing roadblocks in decision making for our Paid APP Twilio Plus
due to unavailability of performance data :pensive:
Glad to know that you’re working on app performance metrics; Hope will get it soon :slightly_smiling_face: