Data Storage in Routing Automation

We are using data storage in Custom app for storing the User Data, When multiple users call in the same time in Data storage we are facing some issue, We want to know how to keep data storage key are unique key

$db.set("contact", { "userId": customer_id,"email":emailId,"mobile":mobile,"last_4_digit":Lastdigit,"Lastdigitssn":Lastdigitssn,"does_ssn":does_ssn}).then ( function(error) { // failure operation console.log(error) });

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I think you can use the customer_id as the key which will be unique. and then you can utilize the update option in the data storage method this will append the information to the respective key. Please check the documentation and tell me if it helps you.

To get more information on this please check out the Freshcaller document


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Hi @franklin,

Could you answer the following question to understand the context better?

  1. Which data are you storing?
  2. When is this data stored?
  3. When is the data retrieved?
  4. At which location of the app logic is the data stored and retrieved?
  5. Which unique information about the user will you have in the place where the data is stored and retrieved, like user_id or mobile_number, and so on?

If you could answer this and question #5, you would be able to validate the solution that @Sujith_Guna has suggested.

@Raviraj Can we have a call to explain these

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