Data Storage - questions


These are “general” questions so I apologise in advance if I am asking in the wrong forum.

  1. If I use the data storage functionality in app.js, can I them retrieve the data in server.js (within the same app obviously)?
  2. Can I store binary data?
  3. Where is the data actually held? I assume it’s on Amazon S3 somewhere? Who has access to that data?

Thank you in advance,

hey @bfp,

This is the right forum for your questions :slight_smile:

yes it is possible to save the data in app.js and access the data from server.js and vice versa

Data Storage only supports JSON objects at this point.

The data is safely stored in Freshworks managed AWS infrastructure and only your app has the access to the data, when the app is uninstalled, all data related to your app will be purged.

Hope this helps!

Stay safe :slight_smile: