Datepicker (fw-datepicker) issue - Unable to select dates of certain months

Hey Community,

we have an issue with the datepicker inside a fw-form.
When we try to choose a date in June, it will always choose the corresponding day in July.

This issue is independent of our implementation, happens in the examples of the documentation aswell:

So if you choose for example 10th of June, the date will be the 10th of July.
Same happens with September, which will get to an October date (July & August are working).

Could someone have a look at this - We will not be able to use the widget anymore from Wednesday on.

Does anyone have a workaround until this is fixed? I need a very quick solution.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Thomas,
I can confirm on this bug, Will check on it and update the thread once we have a fix for this.

Thank you @Kishore_Kumar

In the meantime, I found a workaround, which is working.
The daterange picker doesn’t seem to have this issue, so I switched to a rangepicker and take only the fromDate as the chosen date.

But also the rangepicker does come with a small glitch.
When a daterange is chosen, I get this error:

And the chosen range isn’t visible:

But at least the value is set correctly, so its just an optical issue.
So it works for us for the moment, but would love to go back to the non-range mode as soon as possible.

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Hi @ThomasH, Thank you for reporting this!

The issue was with the native javascript date object and was seen only for last dates for few months. We have fixed the issue now and is available now at:

Let us know if any further help is required. Thanks!

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Thank you @Shravan_K

already implemented and working fine now. Thanky you for that quick fix.

When could I expect the fix to be integrated into main branch? So that I can swap back from Beta version?



Hi @ThomasH, the fix is integrated into main branch now and available with version:


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