Delay in Freshdesk API - Tickets not shown right away after creation

There have been the following issue with the API: if you create a ticket (or anything else) either through API or manually in Freshdesk/Freshsales and then call a method to list the tickets (with the filter on updated_since), it would not show up right away. There’d usually be a delay of around 20-30 seconds before it shows up.

Now I can see that the issue is gone. Is this something that has been fixed recently on your side, and we can rely on the fact that after a record is created or updated, it’s instantly available for list methods?

Thank you!

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Hi @vhe,

Welcome to the community :wave: ! I find that your query relates to this situation

Is this the same behaviour that you are facing in your case?

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Yes = but the question is whether something has changed regarding that.

Hi @vhe

We are improving the performance of the APIs however, there is no change that has been introduced lately. There will be few second(s) delay until the content gets indexed in the search servers. It is recommended to factor the same.