Delete a freshsales native app

We have a Freshsales App which we released quite some time back. However, we have gone through some internal change, and don’t want to offer that app anymore.
We are unable to find a delete or remove from marketplace option on the app.

There are few threads which talk about how to delete the custom-app, but they all point to a link which I’m unable to see on my interface.

Hey Parag,

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Regarding your query on deleting an app - we give an option to delete custom apps through the developer portal since the app is only for one account.

Given your app is not a custom app, you will need to create a support ticket mentioning that you wish to delete the app. The deleting of your app will need to happen in different stages - initially, we can delist your app from the Freshworks Marketplace so that no new installations can be made for your app. We can only delete your app after all the existing installations are uninstalled.

As a first step, you can create a support ticket for this.


Thanks a lot Rohit for your prompt reply.
That was my understanding as well, but I couldn’t figure out where to create a support ticket. Can you help me with the page/link where I can create support-tickets?

You can go to this link and click on the ‘New support ticket’ button to create a new support ticket