Delete in entity-storage

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We have tried to delete the data from the entity storage but the flow keeps on entering into the catch method even if the data is removed!

Is this a bug?

If so is there any work-around to get this fixed?

Kindly let us know.


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Can you share the code you used for the delete method along with any screenshots of the error?

Hi @kaustavdm

I can confirm that similar issue is faced by me as well while deleting the record from entity storage.


Hi @kaustavdm,

Please find the code below.

const deleteTask = async(display_id) => {
    console.log("display_id " , display_id)
    try {
        const taskEntity = $db.entity({ version: "v1" }).get("tasks");
        await taskEntity.delete(display_id);
        return [false, `${display_id} removed successfully!`];
    } catch (err) {
            `[Custom Objects] Unable to remove task. Reason: ${err.message}`

        return [true, {msg:`unable to remove ${display_id}: ${err.message}`, status : err.status}]

The flow enters into catch, the err parameter in the catch is undefined.

Please let me know if you need any other data.


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Thanks for the code sample, @Bene_Immanuel, and for the confirmation @Sachin_Kumar. This helps a lot. I am able to reproduce this issue, though intermittently.

I’ll work with our engineers to debug this further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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Hi @Bene_Immanuel & @Sachin_Kumar, hope things are well.

I tried using the code snippet you have posted in one of test app and I was not able to reproduce this issue. Is it possible to share the app zip so I can debug this further?


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