Deleting/hiding a message


I need to message a conversation when it’s resolved, but I need it to be visible only to the recipient and not the agent. I’m sending the message via API and thought of deleting the message right after sending it so that it arrives at its destination but is deleted from the chat in Freshdesk Messaging, but I couldn’t find the endpoint to delete messages.
How can I do this?

For now, there is no API to delete the messages,
I will check with the product team and get back at the earliest


Freshdesk Messaging does not support deleting individual messages yet via API or otherwise.

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Is it not possible to make endpoints available to delete messages or conversations?
This is very necessary for this use case.

Is there any other solution to send a message without the agent being able to see it?

for now there is no other way, but I will check with product team and get back to you

Currently, there’s no way to selectively delete a message only for the Agent.
We do have a GDPR delete API that would delete all the information about the user and the conversations they’ve had with the business.
So, you could send message to the user and then delete the user.

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