Difference between marketplaces in Freshdesk

Hey guys!
I would like to know what makes freshdesk accounts have different marketplaces.
I mean, I have an old account with the new marketplace:

And I have a new account, with the old marketplace:

Also, is it possible to ask to update to the new marketplace?

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Hey @samuelpares

The new marketplace in Freshdesk has a lot more features than the old one. Some of them like

  • Categorising and featuring apps in a better way
  • Enhanced UX and UI
  • Better access to serverless logs
    and much more.

Let me know your request so that I can work with my team to check if your account can be moved to new Marketplace. Thanks


Hey @shravan.balasubraman

What is odd is that a recently created account has the old marketplace - that I want understand why.
But sure, I’ll send you the account in private so you can check if it’s possible to update.


Hi @samuelpares,

The new App gallery has a lot more features as @shravan.balasubraman has mentioned. It is almost ready to roll out to all the Freshdesk accounts. But, some checks are being done to make sure all types of apps work fine in all types of accounts with different payment systems.

So, if you would like to get the new app gallery to enabled for your development/test account, we can check and enable it for you.

It will soon be available for all the customers and every Freshdesk accounts.


I understand. Thank you for the clarification.
If there’s still time to send a feedback to the team: the custom installation page should have a bigger area for display. In this new version, it actually decrease.


@samuelpares Sure, thanks for the feedback.

We continuously work on all the platform features based on the usage and feedback. I will make sure to pass your feedback to the team.