Difference in groups payload in customer account

Hi Guys,

I can see in the customer production account which is freshchat product not returning one specific group(via API) but the same customer account has a sandbox account in that sandbox account, can see that specific group. May I know what might be the reason?

this is causing issues in the customer production account. Kindly help me with what we can do here.

Thanks in advance,
Tejasri Kalluri

Hey did anyone get chance to look into this issue?

Hi all, did any get chance to look into this as this critical production issue in client account

@Tejasri_Kalluri - I put you in touch with the Freshchat support team

This could be account-specific behavior, and the team may want to know which group, details of the customer subdomain, etc.

Do share with us any response that you’ve receive from the support team on this aspect!

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