Disable freshcaller from freshdesk


We have a Cloud telephone integration(CTI) app in the marketplace. We have a customer who is facing an issue, even after the app is installed, clicking on the call button isn’t opening our app. Instead, it asks to buy a phone number from freshcaller. There is also an error message on top which says you have ran out of phone credits. But we are able to see the app in the left pane and open it as well.

Seems like they have setup freshcaller(default CTI of freshdesk) and now how do we disable that so that they can use our app.

I m attaching a screenshot of the same


Hi @arun.nasarain

When you upload the app as a custom app, do you see the same issue occurring? Also, what happens when you locally simulate the CTI app in Freshdesk? :thinking:


There is no issue with using it as a custom app or running it from local. So this is happening for one customer and I think its because the customer has setup fresh caller and whenever they click-to-call the freshcaller opens up. Can you guide me on delinking the freshcaller from freshdesk or a way to choose the default phone app.

Do you know by any chance what variant of Freshdesk is the customer using? Is it Freshdesk Omnichannel?

Nope…I m not aware of it.

Hi @arun.nasarain

To proceed further, we will need to know account details to get started. The assumption is that the Freshdesk Omnichannel account may have Freshcaller bought along with the subscription. I will send a private message to take this conversation further.

Hi @arun.nasarain

I have sent you a private message. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still facing this problem?

We haven’t heard from you @arun.nasarain

Hence closing this topic. Please create a new topic and reference this thread in case you resume the discussion.