Discrepancy in behaviour of getState method on iparams page

My app uses the client.iparams.getState() method in the iparams page.

I have used this method and published multiple apps on the Marketplace.

However, now, when I’m running the app locally, I get an error while using the same method.
The error is thrown in fresh_parent.js as shown in the screenshot below.
e.app.state is not a method, but a property that holds a string value. Hence, execution breaks here and my app is unable to proceed to load properly.

Interestingly, this error doesn’t occur during the installation from the gallery.
Below is the screenshot from iparams page in gallery.

If you notice, state is a method here, whereas in localhost, state is a string.

Please advise on how to proceed as I am blocked on this.

@Saif @Thakur_Ganeshsingh @kaustavdm @Santhosh

Arun Rajkumar

Any updates on this? It still remains an issue with the platform.

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