Display app programatically on Freshdesk

Is there a way to display app (global sidebar app, ticket details page app, etc.) programatically on Freshdesk. In Zendesk one can do it using

client.invoke('popover', 'show')

Is there something similar available on Freshdesk?

Hey @pratyush.ranjan,
Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

We do support a way to programmatically to trigger dialogs or modals to be displayed using the interface methods but not the complete “ticket sidebar app” or “global sidebar app”.

Let me know if this addresses your concerns and your app’s use-case.

We are trying to integrate our RingCentral app into Freshdesk. We want that whenever an incoming call comes, the cti_global_sidebar app pops up if it was in a collapsed mode. Is it possible to achieve this.

Hey @pratyush.ranjan,
For opening up CTI dialer and for the missed calls we have interface methods available.