Does enabling marketplace application in Freshsales mobile app require verification from marketplace team?

Hi Team,

We have a custom application being used in the Web version of Freshsales in a specific account. Now, that app also needs to be displayed in the Freshsales mobile application and we have reached out to the product team to allow it.

But do we need marketplace team to verify the custom app once before the product team allows it in the mobile app or that is not required as the app is already present in the Web version?

Hi @Pulkit_Chowdry,

The apps that appear in the product mobile apps are controlled by the relevant product if it is possible.

If you have already reached out to the Freshsales team, they would be able to assist with allowing the app in the mobile app if possible. Let me know if you want me to create a support ticket for you for the relevant team.

The custom apps and public apps work the same way. Since public apps can be used by any customer, it goes through a review process from the Marketplace team after the app is submitted to the Marketplace for each version.
No additional steps or reviews are required from the Marketplace end.

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Hi @Raviraj

Thanks for confirming. We will work with the Freshsales product team to enable the app in the Freshsales mobile app.

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