Does every external API goes through marketplace IP's?

Hi Team,

we are using an external API to fetch an external token in a custom app . Even through we are using
static Ip :true in the headers, we believe that this request is not going through the market place IP’s .

can anyone let us know if this is true.

Any suggestions here would be really helpful.


Hi @Ganesh_Badikalai,

Could you share the code snippet used to find if there are any misses?

Also, could you share the app ID, account domain, region, and timestamp of the request to check the logs at our end?

Hi @Raviraj ,

Snippet :

const options = {
  staticIP: true,
  headers: {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
  body: JSON.stringify({
    clientId: "<%= iparam.clientId %>",
    clientSecret: "<%= iparam.clientSecret %>",
    destinationId: "<%= iparam.destinationId %>",

  const { response } = await $, options);

APP Id: 51930

Domain :

Time : 5 dec 2022 17:17:08 & 6 dec 2022 12:48:42 PM

Region : EU

Hi @Raviraj ,

Please check the logs for 5 dec 2022 17:17:08 IST also.


Hi @Ganesh_Badikalai,

The request syntax looks good, and it should work with the fixed IPs mentioned in our documentation.
We will check the logs to confirm if it used the static IP.

Meanwhile, could you confirm,

  1. What is the error that you see from the request?
  2. Are the fixed IPs of the EU region added to the allowList on the customer’s network to receive the requests?

HI Raviraj,

1 Error : sometimes we are getting undefined error and sometimes 401 unauthorised error.

  1. The IP’s are whitelisted by the customer

@Ganesh_Badikalai We have checked the logs at our end.

The requests are going through the static IP only. At the mentioned timestamp, the requests have succeeded and noticed one request timed out with an error. But that request has also gone through static IP only.

The errors will not be different, with the IPs being dynamic. The requests will never reach the destination and will always time out. The error code 401 is also not relevant to it. It must be coming from the API server.

The case doesn’t look like a problem raised by static IP. If one request succeeded, it means the app code is correct, and the platform is making requests through the static IPs, so unless the app is changed again, this will continue to work.

Please look out for others reasons for the errors you get. Please test the API outside our platform as well.