Domain not whitelisted issue

We have made some recent enhancements to Jira Plus public app, and multiple customers are facing the “Domain not whitelisted” issue.

In the mainfest.json file under the whitelisted-domains, we have written like this to whitelist the Freshdesk and Jira URL

"whitelisted-domains": [
    "https://<%= iparam.whitelistFD %>",
     "https://<%= iparam.whitelistJiraUrl %>"

but while installing or updating the app, the customer added an additional “/” at end of the Freshdesk URL ( and the app is getting updated successfully, but when they go to the settings page again, the app is throwing the “Domain not whitelisted” error.

We can add a validation to remove the additional slash “/” from the Freshdesk URL, but when it comes to the Jira URL we cannot add any validation as the Jira URL and its format will vary for each customer.


  1. (cloud version)
  2. (on-premise version)
  3. (on-premise version)
  4. (on-premise version)

The app is throwing the error if the URL has any additional “/” or “:” (based on our observation)

As the Jira URL format varies for each customer we have mentioned the URL as "https://<%= iparam.whitelistJiraUrl %>" in the manifest file. So basically the whitelisted URL will look like this "", but the app throws the error so unable to install the app.

Let us know if you need more information.

APP ID: 7656


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Hi @kannansantharam ,

Try both of these and let me know if it works:

There is a * after //

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