Domain Pre-population in Freshteam Iparams

We are developing a Freshteam app which include API key and domain validation in iparams.

As we know we have a method to pre-populate the domain in the iparams.json, Is there any way we can pre-populate the domain in the iparams.html as well ?

Please share your thoughts or a work around which would help to resolve this. :slight_smile:


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Hi @Janani,
Yes, it is possible in Iparams.html as well,
you can use data-bind="product.api_key" / data-bind="product.domain" to prepopulate it


<input type="text" name="api_key" data-bind="product.api_key">
<input type="text" name="domain" data-bind="product.domain">

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



Kindly create a seperate thread for your queries, it seems like your query is not related to this Topic :slight_smile:

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