Due to Crayons version 4 update, Marketplace and custom APP UI are not showing


We have deployed several APP in both Marketplace and Custom APP. Due to to the latest version release in crayons, APP UI not displaying in Configuration and Front end APP. Below I have attached the screenshot for you reference.

This is highest priority. Because it will impact all the customer.

Please take speedy action on this.


Please let us know if u r seeing any errors.

Also kindly check if you have followed the migration guide to upgrade to v4.

Also please note that there is an outage in unpkg.com which is causing some issues.

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Thanks for the update! It is working fine now.

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Hello friends

Has this happened before with Crayons?

Hi @Ansfs91 . No, this has not happend with crayons before.

The reason for the issue is because of the outage in unpkg.com.

unpkg down? · Issue #343 · mjackson/unpkg · GitHub.
CORS blocking some scripts · Issue #344 · mjackson/unpkg · GitHub.

All libraries that are included through unpkg got affected during this period.

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