Duplication of notes in Freshdesk

In Freshdesk if a conversation is added the conversation is getting duplicated.

I am looking for ways to handle this. Is it something related to production environment or do we have to handle it any other way.


Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namasi,

If the Conversation is properly added when Conversation APIs used via a cURL request, there’s no issue with Freshdesk. If it’s the case, we can check from our end.

If you have specific logic around adding the conversation and it is duplicated, please post the specific code and the use-case so we can try to help find the issue and how it can be solved.


Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namasi

Let me initiate a private message and see if there are any discrepancies in the ways the product events are pushed to Freshdesk in the case of your app.