Email validation does not follow RFC Specs

We have run into an issue with email validation. One of our vendors sends invoices from an email that contains a “/” character. It seems that Freshworks email validation does not allow certain special characters that are allowed per RFC 3696 section 3, which states that the following characters are valid in the local part of the email:

Without quotes, local-parts may consist of any combination of alphabetic characters, digits, or any of the special characters

! # $ % & ' * + - / = ?  ^ _ ` . { | } ~

The following characters are not allowed by the validation in Freshservice:

# / ? ^  { | }

We are using Freshservice, which doesn’t allow these characters in the web page when creating a new requestor, or via the api to create a requestor, or to submit a ticket with an email address that contains one of these characters.

Hey @slogan_osd

Firstly, welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

I’ve raised a Freshservice support ticket on your behalf.