Enabling Freshworks SSO has any impact on Freshdesk API

We have been using a custom app that uses Freshdesk APIs. We’d like to know - while switching from simple SSO to Freshworks SSO in Freshdesk, whether there would be any changes to the API & their access? Do they have any impact? Please throw us light on the same.

Please refer below screenshot.

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Have we got any updates on this?

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Hi @rajezz,
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Sorry for the delay in response,
there is no change in the Public API and it will remain the same even if you are in simple SSO or Freshworks SSO

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@Santhosh Thanks for the clarification :+1:t2:

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Just to add, The no change is applicable only if your app is consuming the Freshdesk APIs using API Keys.

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@Saif Just to know things, are there some other ways to access Freshdesk APIs?