End-user apps

Good morning everyone,
I created a very simple app in the customer portal that hides fields, but during the page reload it displays all the fields until the application loads, would there be any way to improve this?

my code:

let client;


async function init(){
	client = await app.initialized();
	client.interface.trigger ("hide", {id: "email"})
  client.interface.trigger ("setValue", {id: "email", value: "teste@teste.com"})


Hey @Marllon_Mainardes,

Yes, the hide tickets using end-user apps would mean that the interface triggers would work only after the app is loaded given that apps load after all the native product components load, there would be delayed like you are experiencing.

Would using a different form help in your use case?

my case is very simple, the customer has a complaint channel and it has to be anonymous, so I just have to hide the requester and send a predefined email to open the ticket, if there is a better option for this case, go be welcome!

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