Enter user into Sales Sequence


I am trying to automate adding a contact into an automated Sales Sequence. Currently, the process is to add them manually after a certain task outcome condition is met. Since there is not native condition to search for a task outcome. I was going to begin building out a small automation to do so. However, I can’t find anywhere in the API docs that explains Sales Sequence’s. I’ve also tried testing it on Zapier, and it doesn’t seem to add the contact to the sales sequence.

I see now that the ‘active_sales_sequences’ field is a read-only field and you can not push a value into it.

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We don’t have APIs that can automatically add contacts to Sales Sequences. This action can’t be automated today.

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Thank you @Santhosh ! I have found a workaround with creating hidden custom fields, sales sequences, and workflow automations to enter and remove contacts!

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