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I am trying to automate adding a contact into an automated Sales Sequence. Currently, the process is to add them manually after a certain task outcome condition is met. Since there is not native condition to search for a task outcome. I was going to begin building out a small automation to do so. However, I can’t find anywhere in the API docs that explains Sales Sequence’s. I’ve also tried testing it on Zapier, and it doesn’t seem to add the contact to the sales sequence.

I see now that the ‘active_sales_sequences’ field is a read-only field and you can not push a value into it.

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We don’t have APIs that can automatically add contacts to Sales Sequences. This action can’t be automated today.

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Thank you @Santhosh ! I have found a workaround with creating hidden custom fields, sales sequences, and workflow automations to enter and remove contacts!

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Hi Nicholas,

Can you share the solution you found?

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Hello Axel,

The solution I found was to create a custom field under the contact with the visibility property set to hidden. This field will be something like:
“add to sales sequence” with options being “yes” and blank.
“sales sequence” with options being “email campaign”, “pre-discovery sequence”, “whatever your sequence is”.

Once you have that field and options created. Build out a sales sequence with the “Add contacts to the sequence” option enabled and choose “Add by conditions”. These conditions should look at your hidden custom field that you just created. You create a sequence for every possible option and adjust the add conditions to filter the contacts into the appropriate sequence. Note: be careful because a single contact can be placed in multiple sequences if the conditions match.

Once you’ve built that out, you can go ahead and create a workflow. My workflow is triggered by tasks, so when a call is made and the outcome of that call is favorable, the action executed is “Update related contact” the hidden field associated with the contact is updated to specify which option is chosen, that option then triggers the sales sequence.

If you have any questions feel free to private message me. I hope this helps :slight_smile: