Error Accessing Data Storage Feature in Freshdesk


I am facing issue on data storage feature available in Freshdesk SDK. When am trying to retrieve or set value in db, am getting the below error. Please help me find out what’s wrong.

Note : I tried after clearing cache and still gives same error

Error - {"message": "Route not allowed", "status": 404}

Code Snippet - client.db.get("ticket:123") .then((data) => console.log(data)) .catch((err) => console.error(err))

I’m also facing the same issue.
Can anyone help us with this?

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Hi Arshath,

Can you try to clear the .fdk directory in your app, stop the server, start it and see if it works.
Make sure your key(ticket:123) resides in .fdk/localstore

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

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Hey @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks for your reply.

I have cleared my .fdk directory and stopped the server several times. We checked this with another machine also. I even tried creating a new fdk create command to create the app. The same error.

Not only retrieving the data but we also not be able to store the data in the first place. I will add the link for the app code.

Can you please check that?

Google Drive App Link

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Let me check the code and get back

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Hi @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks for your effort. I have added the screen recording of the error in the google drive folder.

Hey Arsath!

I was able to reproduce the same bug in my local machine. Cross checked regarding this with the team and it seems like it’s not intended! I have notified about this and the team is already working on fixing it. I will let you know once the fix is rolled out in this same thread so that you can upgrade the FDK version and verify it!


Hi @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks for the update.

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Her Arshath!

The fix is rolled out as version 6.7.1.
Kindly upgrade the FDK version to this latest - 6.7.1 and confirm the same :slight_smile:


Hi @shravan.balasubraman,

Thanks a lot for your help and fixing this faster :blush:.