Error Debugging Problem

Hi Freshdesk,

I am working on an Full Page Application and am not able to understand how console.log works here, because I can see my h1 tag present in return being rendered (told to mention that component is being called at App.js) then why I am not able to see any console.

Attaching screenshots for the same,


So you can see it is returning a value on the frontend but consoling out anything, like one which is written in line no. 11 in 1st screenshot. Now just below this is image of console section of browser.

So you can see that we are not getting what we have console out.

Also what is this errors(the last two images), I am always getting this but I have no syntax errors in the code, and it always show up even if all things got render successfully.

Hi @arishti_plugin_dev ,

Good day!

Freshdesk full page app in react doesn’t seem to have any issues.

The error in your screenshots are not related to the fullpage app code. If you try loading without dev=true still you’ll find those logs. That shouldn’t be the reason you’re not getting console statement printed.

I’m hereby attaching a zip which is a fullpage freshdesk app created from your_first_react_app template. Kindly try with this once and let us know if it works for you. (348.4 KB)

Hope this helps!

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