Error: Events not configured for product freshdesk

Since upgrading to FDK 7 I am now getting the above error.

This was working pre FDK 7 with the event callbacks being declared as part of the export in the server.js file. The API documentation says that the event callbacks need to be declared in the manifest.json file. I tried that exactly as per the API documentation and still get the same message.

Hi @RobAtOpinyin,

Could you add your app manifest file and the server.js file function exported here? [Please hide any sensitive or business-critical information]

OK. Worked out the issue and wanted to post it here in case anyone else hits it.

Prior to FDK 7 it seemed that you could add the events object to the export in server.js and all was well. However, now the events must also be declared in the manifest.json file as well.

Its important to note that the events data must under the relevant product in the manifest file.


@RobAtOpinyin Appreciate that you have added your solution here to help others in the community, Rob. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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