Error in RequestAPI in custom installation page

Refer to the image above. RequestAPI has incorrectly built the URL. I traced the error back to fresh_parent.js. It seems like the protocol variable is either not being set or it’s being used before it could be set.

Further, this error occurs irrespective of the product. It occurs only during local development and only inside custom installation page.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @ashwins93! Could you please share the FDK version, fresh_parent version , the code snippet in iparams.html and logs (if any) ?

You might already know this, however, just adding it for quick reference :slight_smile:

  • fdk version returns the version number of the FDK
  • Fresh parent version can be found from the n/w logs:
  • FDK logs can be generated by running it in debug mode using NODE_DEBUG=fdk fdk run

In the meanwhile, let me try to reproduce the same & check if its an issue on the latest fresh_parent

Hi @ashwins93,

The issue is replicable. Gladly, the dev team is looking into it. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

Hi @ashwins93, this is fixed in fresh parent. Should work fine now. Please try again.

Thank you for the swift action Hemchander. It works now!