Error in updating fdk

Hello Team,

I am looking for patform-version 2.3 and to do so I have updated the node version to 18 and willing to update fdk to 9th version.

But I am getting below issue.

Please help me with it.

Akhil S K

Hi @Akhil_Kulkarni ,

Have you uninstalled the previous version of fdk before updating to latest version?


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You are using the installation source for FDK 8. Use this URL to install FDK 9:

npm install -g

Hello Kaustav,

Thanks for the help.

Can you please provide any sample app for platform version 2.3 for Freshdesk or Freshservice so that we will understand how to use the APIs?

Please see the apps in this repo: GitHub - freshworks-developers/request-method-samples: Sample codes to demonstrate making API calls using Request Method

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

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