Error is not entering in error block after new update of FDK version 8.6.4


After the FDK version update, we encountered the changes below:

Before every error, log into the catch block like 404, 400, etc…

But now it’s not logging into the catch block, now its sending error in data like

{ status:404, message: "Record not found" }

Below Is my code :

client.db.get(`ticket:${}`).then(function (data) {
        console.log("data ", data)
      }, function (error) {
        console.log("error  ", error)

Anyone can help!!

Thanks !!

Hi @kaustavdm, as discussed in our Dev Rel meeting, this is the issue that we are facing. We started facing this issue couple of days ago.

And one of the important point is, this issue is only faced on the Ticket details page. The behaviour on the Change Details page is as expected.

@Anushka_Ahir Can you share the screenshots of how this behaviour is different between different app locations? IIRC, there was a difference between how the same code behaved in the ticket details page and change details page.

FYI @Asif ^


For creating errors currently, I am updating the key that is not in the local store.

We have two locations for app display

  1. Ticket_sidebar
  2. Change_sidebar

But we have different behavior for errors in two locations,

  1. Change_sidebar: we have received an error in the "catch block " which is the expected behavior
  2. Ticket_sidebar: we have received an error in “then block” which is not expected behavior

Let me know if any other information is required to reproduce this.

Thanks !!




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