Error message while packing: Error while generating digest file

Hi experts,
We migrated one of our apps in Freshdesk from V2.2 to V2.3. App works fine in local, validation is also successful, however, when we try to pack it for deployment, we are getting below error:
App being packed in Node v18.13.0 using FDK 9.0.0
Error while generating digest file.

Can you please help me with possible reasons for this error?

Hi @Dev_Aditya,

This note is in our documentation for the Node installation page.

Ensure that the installed Node version is 18.15.0 or later. If you are on an earlier version of Node, upgrade to version 18.15.0 or later.

Could you try to upgrade the Node version to 18.15.0 or a later minor version and try again?
The validation didn’t say this error could be a miss from our end. We will check on it and update our validation accordingly if you can confirm.

Hi @Raviraj I got my node.js upgraded to 18.17.1, still I am getting same error. Can you please help

@Dev_Aditya With the same Node and FDK version, the fdk pack command works fine for me. It could be something with your app. Could you share with me your app’s manifest.json file or the entire app over a private thread to check if I can reproduce it?

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