Error occurred while calling a method: 'validate'


Several customers are facing the following issue with one of our FW marketplace apps since the Marketplace has been updated for their Freshdesk accounts:

Error occurred while calling a method: ‘validate’

The app has not been updated for a while (~7 months).
We’ve requested the web browser logs from the customer (and are waiting for them) and have also created a ticket in FW Support.

I would like to know whether the new marketplace is 100% backwards compatible with the previous one in terms of the documentation/app installation methods/custom iparams page.

Hey @ilya.belyavskiy

Is this working on any of the Freshdesk accounts thats on old marketplace. If yes, can you please let me know so that I can confirm if there are problems with the new marketplace or its the problem with a new version of this app. The new marketplace should be backwards compatible in terms of how the apps are installed so the problem can mostly be with the app itself after looking at the error


Hello @shravan.balasubraman,

Thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the updates on this/more info from the customer.
I’ve installed this Marketplace app on both types of FW Marketplace (old and new) and could not reproduce the issue - everything was fine.

I’ll create another post here once I get any update on this.

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