Error Unexpected end of input

Hi team,
I created a front-end custom app in Freshdesk which invoke server after some process. My app is working fine in local, however, it is throwing error when I deploy it on server. Error message:

errorSource: "APP"
message: "Error while executing App server script! - Unexpected end of input"
requestID: "5cc3d807-3e94-4f24-b71a-e70bf79a5209"
status: 500

Can anyone please help?


Hi @Dev_Aditya

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Please check your server file whether open brackets have equal close brackets. Please remove any comments at the end of file if any. If it still not fixed then please DM me your server script so that I can debug further and help you out.

Mughela Chandresh

Hi Mughela,
Thanks for your response.
As I was able to pack the code successfully, and also code is running in local, so, ideally code should not have syntactical issues.
Sorry I am new to forum, so, I can’t find option to DM you. Can you please help?


Please hover over the profile and click on Message.

Hi Saif,
I am not getting “Message” option on hover or click.


Hi @Dev_Aditya,

I have created a private message thread. Please send the complete server.js file to let us try to reproduce the issue at our end. Thanks.

Hi @Dev_Aditya

As I mentioned in my previous conversation, can you please remove the comment at the end of the server script file and try publishing the app?

Please remove the below comment at the end of the server file.
// ...............deleteSchedule.....................

Let me know if it’s still not fixed.

Mughela Chandresh


It worked after removing that comment



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