Error using mercadolibre API: AuthorizationError: Your client callback has to match with the redirect_uri param

i´m trying to open “http://localhost:10001/custom_configs” to generate my access token but i got this error:

could someone explain to me what i could do to fix it?

Hi @taylorbyks,

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If you are trying to test the oAuth app locally, quoting the documentation prerequisites

Provide the redirect URL for your app in the third-party developer portal.

For mercadolibre, it can be done while creating the app (Reference: Authentication and Authorization)


Hi @Raghu_Murugesan, thanks for the answer.
In the third-party developer portal this is my config:

Hi @taylorbyks,

Apologies, we left this thread unnoticed, could you confirm if you are still having issues with this oauth integration.