Error when trying to upload custom app to developers portal

Good afternoon, I’m having problems uploading the serverless custom app that I created from FreshCaller. The developer portal documentation (Quick Start) gives instructions to work with node.js version 14 but when uploading it to the portal it sends the following error:

When reviewing the manifest.js it is in effect with version 14 of node.js

but if I change it from there to version 12 and under the FDK to version 7.5 it continues to send the same error.


someone in the community will know how I can do it or how to load the custom app.

I am new to working with the FDK, I appreciate your patience.

@TonyZarate Welcome to the community! You should not need to downgrade Node.js version and FDK version. Node 14 and FDK 8 are actively supported at the moment.

I just tried uploading a new Freshcaller app (fdk createfreshcalleryour_first_serverless_app) (Node 14, FDK 8) as a custom app and it went through.

When testing locally, does fdk validate pass?

I wonder if there is something wrong with the specific account you are testing with. Can you try creating a new trial account and uploading your app?

@harish.janjam Have you seen this happen before?

I’ve had similar issues, I was told back then that an app name cannot start with a number. Maybe try that?


Thanks for sharing this tip @Thomas_Haitsma.

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Good morning community, I have created the serverless again from scratch as recommended by @kaustavdm and in the same way I changed the name of the app as @Thomas_Haitsma suggested, but it gave me the same error again…

@kaustavdm When I perform tests locally, it returns the query that I am making to a proprietary API that we are going to use for Routing Automation in our IVR.

@Mughela_Chandresh - Are you aware of this?

@TonyZarate , during the local testing, just before you do fdk pack please run fdk validate and see if there are any issues with it?

Hi @TonyZarate

Can you please let me know in which browser and OS you are using to upload the app?

Mughela Chandresh

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