Error when trying to upload custom app

When trying to upload my app file (which working in other instances)
i’m getting this error

‘Invalid app zip for this custom app. Upload freshsales suite zip file and try again’

Any ideas? thank you

Hi @Liraz_Nafran

Custom apps can be submitted for the same product in which the user has logged in. For example, if the user has logged into AMP using a Freshdesk account, then he can submit a custom app only for that Freshdesk account. Please check if the logged-in account’s product and the product mentioned in the custom app are the same.

Hope you understand. Please reach out in case of further issues.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

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Hi Mughela, Thanks for your answer.
Not sure we understand what you mean, can we arrange a call with the customer to solve it?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @karin.d

Let me know for which product you are trying to upload a custom app.

Let me be clear with an example and sample steps:
If you are trying to publish a custom app for a Freshdesk product (i.e you are going to use your custom app in your Freshdesk account) then please follow the below steps

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account in which you are going to use the app. for example, if you want to use your custom app in then login to account
  2. Then go to admin settings → apps → click on the Go to app management portal link and it will land in the App management portal.
  3. Click on create app → custom app → upload a freshdesk custom app
  4. Once the app is live it will be visible only in your account (i.e

The error which are you facing might be because you would have logged into an FCRM or Freshsales account and then you would have uploaded an app zip that will be applicable for a Freshdesk product (i.e the app code will work only in Freshdesk product).

Hope this is clear. If this is still not clear then we can discuss it through a call.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

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