Error while packing omniapp with serverless component

We have created an omniapp, with serverless component. This app is already live and we have made some fixes in the latest version. While packing the zip, I am getting the error that omni apps don’t support serverless component, which is strange since this app is already live. I have verified my fdk version and it’s up to date.

Can someone please help in identifying what could have been possibly gone wrong?


I had checked the same in my local system and I am not facing such issues,
Possible can you share me the exact error message which you are getting and share me the app if possible,
I will investigate form my end and let you know at the earliest.


Hi Santosh,

Thank you for the response.

Here’s the screenshot of the error:

Let me know how can I share the app with you?

The issue has been identified. It was the fdk version issue. Reinstalling the correct version made it worked.
However I am still unable to identify how 7.0.2 got installed at my system. :confused:

Thanks for the help @velmurugan @Santhosh and @Saif :slight_smile: