Error while sending attachment with workflow

I’m trying to send ticket attachments with workflow with the Trigger Webhook Action, but it doesn’t matter what I do, the {{include_attachments}} sent will be null or an empty string depending on the Content-Type (JSON or X-FORM-URLENCODED).

For testing pourposes I am using and, I recieve the same things in both tools.

Reading here and there I learned that to send files you’re supposed to use multipart/form-data Content-Type, but when I try to do an API call the request fails: when Content-Type is JSON or undefined it says that the JSON is invalid and when I try to send multipart/form-data says that the boundary is missing.

Is there a way to send attachments from Workflow Automator?

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After 23 days of silence I guess there’s no way to send attachmens from Workflow Automator, so I used another approach with a custom-app.

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